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Michael Howlett blogs for FTA on HGV Awareness Training this weekend...

As part of the Samsung Bike Week 2012, Hydro Cleansing’s Steve Hoad is getting behind the HGV Awareness Training for cyclists by holding demonstrations on cycle safety tomorrow between 10am and 3pm. He will be volunteering his time, alongside Megatron’s, at North End, Croydon.

The event is in relation to Hydro Cleansing's recent involvement with the London Fit for Cycling Mayoral Hustings and as part of the biggest nationwide cycling event in the UK. Hydro Cleansing is a member of FTA and is working hard to raise awareness for hgv drivers and cyclists alike. Tomorrow is being run in association with the Metropolitan Police task force, which will be on hand throughout the day to spread awareness and educate those who are keen to learn more about making a switch to cycling for their everyday journeys.

Security tagging of bikes and other attractions will also be a feature on the day.

Working together to both inform drivers and cyclists, our belief is that both can work together in harmony, especially on the roads in and around the capital. Our aim is to spread Hydro Cleansing’s knowledge and understanding on how cycling can easily become part of everyday life and to ensure the safety of all road users. Our fleet of hgvs are all Crossrail Cycle Compliant and in line with the Mayor of London’s Cycle Action Plan have been fitted with Fresnei lenses, side scan equipment, under run guards, warning signs for cyclists/pedestrians and Brigade reversing alarms which all ensure cyclist safety.

For more information about attending the event tomorrow, visit the Samsung Bike Week 2012 website.

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