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What's new for carbon and freight this month? - by Rachael Dillon, Climate Change Policy Manager, FTA

LCRS receives endorsement from Transport Minister

Transport Minister Andrew Jones MP has expressed support for FTA’s Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS). The scheme is a great way for members to reduce both fuel and carbon. The Minister notes that “LCRS members are making significantly better progress in reducing emissions than the industry as a whole.” Over the last few months, FTA has been responding to Government’s Freight Carbon Review which is assessing how our industry is reducing carbon emissions. The Minister added that “we remain committed to working with the sector to identify industry-led solutions to reducing carbon emissions” which is great news for members. Read the letter here.

The Minister was writing in response to receiving the FTA’s Logistics Carbon Review 2016 (incorporating the sixth annual report of the Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme).

If you haven’t joined the LCRS and are looking to reduce fuel and carbon, you can find out more here. 

HGV Accreditation Scheme to help save fuel and carbon

Adopting operational efficiency measures is crucial for any operator to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon. FTA is supporting a new programme developed by LowCVP that can boost the introduction of lower carbon, fuel saving commercial vehicle technology.

The initiative aims to help operators that currently don’t have a ‘go-to’ source of reliable and impartial information about low carbon, fuel saving retrofit technologies.

An accurate and representative procedure has been developed so that equipment manufacturers or vehicle operators can conduct independent tests to validate the impact on fuel consumption and emissions of their retrofit technology for hgvs and vans – such as low rolling resistance tyres and aerodynamic additions, or engine efficiency technology.

It’s been developed with support from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and the Department for Transport and key partners include Horiba Mira, Millbrook, TRL, Michelin, Stobart Group, Mercedes Truck, Transport for London and Transport KTN.

By giving our members confidence to invest in technologies that have been independently tested and proven to deliver fuel savings, the accreditation scheme has the potential to help the sector to contribute to climate change targets and reduce air pollutants.

RiverRidge Recycling, NI's First Organisation commits to Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme

Waste management company, RiverRidge Recycling, has become Northern Ireland's first company to join FTA’s Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS) demonstrating its commitment to reducing carbon from road freight.

Stephen Thompson, Transport Manager at RiverRidge Recycling comments, ‘RiverRidge Recycling is extremely proud to be the first Northern Ireland company to join the LCRS. Not only is this a great achievement, but it is a great testament to how strongly we value our Corporate Social Responsibility. Our fleet covers most of Northern Ireland and we acknowledge the carbon emissions created by our road vehicles. This initiative will help us to achieve carbon reduction in the most innovative and efficient way possible.'

It’s great to have RiverRidge Recycling’s support for the LCRS and I would encourage other organisations to join the scheme. This will help them to manage their freight carbon emissions whilst ensuring that we can continue to take a voluntary approach to carbon reduction without the need for Government regulation.
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