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Check and check again - by Mark Cartwright, Head of Vans, FTA

Safety when towing

A recent crash involving a trailer that became detached from a van and smashed into an oncoming car, killing the driver, highlights the importance of safety when towing.

The Van Excellence Code identifies a number of best practice points to remember…

  • It's important to ensure the towing vehicle and trailer are suitable for the task and are roadworthy. Trailers may not have been used for a while so it's vital to check that tyres and lights are in good condition and working
  • Drivers must be qualified and competent for the task - those born after 1 January 1997 may need an additional qualification so always check licences to be sure
  • Check vehicle weights as it is easy to overload gross and axle limits when towing
  •  Check load security - make sure the load is securely fastened to the trailer before driving off
  •  Make sure the trailer is correctly hitched and both the lighting cables and the breakaway cable are properly connected
  •  Be aware that the vehicle will handle differently and braking distances will increase
  •  Remember that the vehicle is likely to be more affected by side wind and turbulence on motorways
  • Know the rules? Help to make sure your operation does too with FTA's Small Vehicle Towing Trailers poster.


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