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Good news during testing times - by Mike Corcoran, Commercial Director, Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland

One of the big challenges facing operators is planning annual tests when the fleet is close to 100 per cent utilisation. Christmas is just such a time. Indeed, if you operate a large fleet, you will be very familiar with the need to schedule these in at this time of year in such a way as to cause the minimum disruption to deliveries.

As we hit the seasonal peak, it becomes more and more challenging to take vehicles off the road and into the workshop for pre-MOT preparation, not to mention the annual test itself. For food and drink distribution and, it’s fair to say retailers generally, this peak is generated by pre-Christmas deliveries and with every asset being ‘sweated’ to the max.

This seasonally induced pressure on capacity means that achieving the maximum possible first-time pass rate has never been more important for hard-pressed logistics companies at this time of year.

Fortunately, Volvo has a fantastic suite of uptime solutions to help operators who are working flat out to maintain the highest levels of customer service they deliver year round. In addition to the top level customer experience offered by the Volvo ‘Gold’ Repair and Maintenance contract, our ‘connected’ trucks can help ensure that uptime isn’t compromised by unscheduled downtime. What’s more, our user-friendly Volvo Service Point Online software manages service schedules, MOT prep appointments and daily defect reporting. Crucially, many operators juggling vehicle availability for time critical schedules in the run up to Christmas have found these solutions from the Volvo dealer network to be of major assistance in keeping their fleet moving and earning its keep.

The good news is that, thanks to a great deal of hard work and investment by our dealers, Volvo has a fantastic MOT first-time pass rate of 96.9 per cent. In addition to state-of-the-art workshops and the top technicians in the business, many of our dealers also have their own ATF lane. That means there is usually less distance to travel for the annual test, especially if the vehicle or trailer is maintained by the Volvo dealer. I like to think of the brilliant solutions from our dealers which I have focused on in this blog as a great example of ‘joined up’ thinking, where our customers are always the winners – whatever the time of year.
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