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Getting the most from your truck tyre investment - by Goodyear TyreTalk

Reducing the total cost of ownership is the main aim for many fleet operators. Are there any simple tips for fleet operators to get the most out of their truck tyre investment?

Like all investments, truck tyres must be carefully selected and managed. For any fleet to get the most from its tyres there are clear actions that must be taken.

Choosing the right tyre for the job is essential. This means selecting those suited to the vehicle’s type of operation and ensuring that they are the correct size and rating for that vehicle and the work it will do. For example, trucks in regional service will benefit the best from high mileage tyres such as Goodyear KMAX and long haul trucks will benefit from fuel efficient tyres such as Goodyear FUELMAX.

Using truck tyres that offer high mileage and low fuel consumption is essential to minimise fleet operating costs. However, it is vital that both tyres and vehicles are regularly maintained to ensure that those benefits continue. For example, incorrect tyre pressures cause excessive tyre wear and affect fuel consumption. Weight distribution of the cargo is also a factor that affects the loading on individual tyres and thus their rate of wear.

An important aspect of good truck tyre management is regrooving and retreading. A quality truck tyre that has been properly maintained is suitable for retreading, which means even lower costs and greater environmental benefits. For example, Goodyear TreadMax retreaded products offer similar performance to that of new tyres. With this approach fleets can benefit from the high performance of these truck tyres over the complete life cycle.

The final factor and indeed often the largest variable is driving technique. Fleets that put their drivers through regular training say that this is the single most important factor in reducing fuel bills. It also helps tyres last longer.

The combination of the most efficient truck tyres in terms of mileage and fuel economy, proper tyre management, regular vehicle maintenance, correct loading and driver training all combine to reduce fleet operating costs and improve efficiency. This means optimising the total cost of ownership. Getting the most out of truck tyres is possible, fleets need to always keep it in mind.

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