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Freight & Logistics is moving ahead - by Matt Harrington, Editor, Freight & Logistics

When I was appointed as the new editor of Freight magazine at the end of last year, I was tasked with refreshing the content of the long-established members’ magazine, making it into a ‘pick up and read’, and – crucially – covering the stories that members are interested in.

That’s why we sent out a survey to our readers. And the results both pleased and surprised us. Ninety nine per cent of members read Freight, while almost three out of four pass it to one of their colleagues to read. And when it comes to the topics that capture their interest, readers ranked compliance and safety firmly at the top of the leader board.

Having listened to what we’ve been told, we have changed the title and the content of the magazine, as well as its ‘look and feel’. There are not only larger images and fewer words, we’ve illustrated many of the stories with lively infographics too.

One of our magazine’s regular features is a new Compliance Advice section, where readers can discover more about the various O licence undertakings. Plus, there’s a regular Headliners section, featuring the month’s must-read news stories, and a member profile to show how others are negotiating the compliance minefield.

In the February issue you can read about the latest from our team in Brussels, a feature on the Government’s focus on decarbonising freight and coverage on our key campaigns.

So if you haven’t already received your copy, check out our new Freight & Logistics 

Matt Harrington, Editor, Freight & Logistics​​


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