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Driverfta App

The Driverfta App is a brand new feature that enables the driver to view their drivers’ hours in two ways.
The first is to see information through the forward looking hours screen, showing the driver, the hours they are allowed to do without causing infringements. Information shown includes:

Recent updates

  • Date and time of last card upload
  • Date and time of last activity

Working time

  • Working hours left in reference period
  • Weeks left in reference period
  • Current working time average

Weekly rest

  • Last weekly rest ended (date and time)
  • Last weekly rest total
  • Last weekly rest type
  • Next weekly rest due (date and time)

Drivers’ hours

  • Number of reduced rests available
  • Number of drive extensions available
  • Amount of driving this week
  • Start time of next shift not before

The second way to view drivers’ hours is through the work history screen. This will show the following information:

As a default the last 2 weeks of information received by FTA including Digital, tachograph chart and information manually added to Visionfta will be reported on and will include:

  • Type of activity
  • Date of activity
  • Start and end time of shift
  • Vehicle reg (where available)
  • Total shift time
  • Summary total of each activity
  • Details of any infringements.

You can download more than 2 weeks information by swiping the screen. The app will download a further 2 weeks each time the screen is swiped.

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