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Driving home for Christmas by Bridgestone UK

If one or two long-range weather reports are to be believed, this Christmas might just be one to live long in the memory for youngsters, even if their parents might be marginally less enamoured. As the festive period draws ever closer, those obligatory white Christmas headlines are greeted with unparalleled levels of excitement amongst youngsters, with the prospect of snowballs and sleighs too exciting to contemplate. For commercial vehicle drivers out on the road, however, such a scenario is not quite as eagerly anticipated.

As we approach the colder months, the need to complete the daily tyre checks is more important than ever, and will offset those worries about seasonal safety. Even if your fleet does not fit cold weather (‘winter’) tyres per se, it is good practice to ensure that tyres have good remaining tread depth (at least 7mm). If you operate on the continent, ensure that you are aware of the winter tyre regulations in that country and fit M&S or Alpine marked tyres accordingly.

Bridgestone boasts a range of premium tyres to ensure that commercial drivers are in the safest position possible when out on the roads over the festive period, with our M788 tyre a particularly pertinent product. The all-season advantage of the M788 means that it is suitable for use in Europe. It means the tyres do not have to be changed before travelling to countries like Austria, so we are providing the best all round tyre for all seasons, with safety never being compromised.

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