FTA says working with freight industry will deliver a better London

Thursday 05 May 2016

On the day that London elects its new Mayor and Assembly, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) says working in partnership with the logistics industry will help deliver a stronger, safer and cleaner capital city.

FTA’s Freight Manifesto for London highlights key issues such as airport expansion, HGV regulations and delivery restrictions, the Ultra-Low Emission Zone and road infrastructure. It also closely examines housing in light of the aspiration to build 60,000 new homes every year. FTA has calculated it takes at least 34 commercial vehicles to build just one house.

Christopher Snelling, FTA’s Head of National & Regional Policy and Public Affairs, said: “It’s really important that the Mayoral candidates take into account the role of logistics and freight in the operating of London.

“We would like the new London Mayor and Assembly to work with the logistics industry. Our Manifesto sets out how we can help to deliver a stronger London, a cleaner London but also a safer London. These things can be done but they are best done through intelligently working together, not through simplistic measures that just make good headlines.”

London’s people and businesses require over 360,000 tonnes of goods to be supplied by lorry each day. That’s 15,000 tonnes picked up or dropped off each hour, or 250 tonnes every minute; as this figure excludes vans and other modes, it is only a part of what freight delivers.

A copy of the FTA London Elections 2016 – Freight Manifesto can be downloaded at: http://www.fta.co.uk/export/sites/fta/_galleries/downloads/london-election-manifesto-2016.pdf
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