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If you take both FTA tachograph analysis and PCN administration services, and either the driver card or the vehicle unit data has been uploaded that covers the date and time that the PCN occurred, then the driver name will automatically be displayed on the PCN and will be reflected by displaying an icon on the both the vehicle and driver calendar, as well as showing the driver name on the PCN detail.
The name can be edited provided you have the “Add driver” permissions. If you do not have this and need it please contact

Assigning a driver manually
If the driver or card data has not been uploaded to cover the date and time of the contravention, or you do not take FTA tachograph analysis on this account you will still be able to add a driver manually to the PCN, provided the driver exists on this account. Click the + button and select a driver from the list or search for a driver using the search tool and typing in the drivers surname.
Adding a new driver
If the person responsible for the PCN does not appear in your search then you may need to add their details. You must first make sure that you have Add driver permissions. If you do not contact
Go to Manage my drivers and select “Add driver”
Then simply add the drivers’ details to the modal
Select save. Go back to the PCN overview in the Mange my fleet pages and select the PCN detail. The drivers’ details will now be available.

Posted: 24/10/2016 16:09:16 by Global Administrator | with 1 comments