Grey Fleet Management

Are you fully aware of your grey fleet and the risk it poses if not effectively managed?

If any of your employees drive their own vehicles for business use it is you, the employer, who has a duty of care under health and safety law. To ‘cause or permit’ a person to drive a vehicle that may be
in a dangerous condition, or without a valid licence or third party insurance is against the law.

How goes Grey Fleet Management help?

Grey Fleet Management covers your risk and keeps you compliant with your obligations by ensuring appropriate checks on the insurance, MOT and roadworthiness of the vehicle are carried out.

The service is accessed via our interactive online portal, therefore alerts can easily be set up ahead of document, MOT and tax expiry dates.

Two packages are available, which cover the following checks.

Package 1

Appropriate business use insurance 
Valid MOT for the vehicle

Package 2

Appropriate business use insurance
Valid MOT for the vehicle
Last service and mileage date
Business mileage history
VED (car tax) expiry detail
Driver health declaration (optional)


How will I benefit?

Control and information

Our online portal enables you to be kept fully up-to-date and informed and also gives you control over the alerts that you want to set up

Peace of mind

You can rest assured that this often overlooked area of your responsibilities is covered and you have an audit trail available should you need it

Reduces risk

Keeps you compliant with your legal obligations and helps protect against fines

Saves time and resource

Letting us do the work minimises the hassle in finding alternative resource within your own company

How can I get more information?

For more information please take a look at our brochure, complete an online enquiry or call 01442 430988*


*calls may be recorded, for more information please view our Privacy Policy

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