Logistics Report

The Logistics Report is Logistics UK’s annual review of the trends affecting the logistics industry in the UK. It provides an up-to-date assessment of the issues those moving goods are facing, across all modes of transport and parts of UK logistics. Logistics underpins the whole economy and is an enabler of trade and growth. The data in this report reinforces our calls for partnership with policy makers to unlock the full potential of the sector.

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Compliance Report 2023

The Compliance Report 2023 collates the latest data from multiple key stakeholders including the DVSA and Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain to provide an up to date picture of safety and environmental compliance performance across the industry. The report discusses the latest industry trends, covering operating licensing, tests and inspections, emissions, and public inquiries amongst other topics. The 2023 report also includes a guide sharing practical tips for achieving greater rates of compliance.  

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Logistics: Delivering a solution to the UK’s productivity puzzle

Logistics: Delivering a solution to the UK’s productivity puzzle, is a new independent report by Oxford Economics for Logistics UK, sponsored by Amazon and Volvo Trucks.

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Logistics Skills Review 2023

The Logistics Skills Review 2023 looks at the latest challenges and opportunities in addressing skills shortages across the logistics industry. Drawing on the latest data, case studies and analysis from our policy experts, this review includes key insights on the logistics sector in profile, creating opportunity, as well as future innovations.

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Electric Vehicle Report

With support from members, we have explored the realities of introducing and operating commercial electric vehicles in the current landscape of rapidly changing technology, supply side constraints and economic challenges.

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The Impact of Logistics Sites in the UK

This visualisation was produced as part of a Frontier Economics study commissioned by Amazon and supported by Logistics UK, examining the impact of the logistics industry and specifically its economic, social and environmental contributions.

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Decarbonising Logistics Report: The journey to net zero

This is a detailed report published in May 2022 outlining current Government legislation, policies and incentives driving decarbonisation and the response of the logistics industry. Split by logistics mode, the report demonstrates the different challenges, opportunities and progress to date.

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Skills and Employment

The Skills and Employment Report is Logistics UK’s annual overview of the key developments affecting employers in our sector and the trends that affect consumers. This report brings together key insights on skills and employment in logistics based on bespoke analysis and insights from our policy experts.

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Skills and Employment Update

The Skills and Employment Update brings together the most recent data and provides analysis covering the key developments and trends affecting skills and employment in our sector. Analysing Q2 data, this update looks at UK employment rates and identifies the latest developments relating to driver roles, various occupation salaries, as well as industry vacancies.

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Transport Manager Survey Findings

The Transport Manager surveys report on the issues that affect the road haulage industry. The findings provide a comprehensive overview of transport managers’ assessment of the role they play in UK logistics and the state of the industry.

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Van Security Report

This report investigates the nature and scale of van crime, collating data from police forces across the UK which is brought together with real-life examples and insights from can users gathered through a van security survey.

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