Skills and Employment Update


Note on Labour Force Survey (LFS) sample size:Caution should be exercised in interpreting changes in trends when comparing the LFS numbers over time. There was a significant fall in the sample size for the LFS. In Q2 2022, 75,992 people were interviewed compared with 53,287 in Q2 2023, a drop of 29.9%. The number of in-work respondents decreased from 36,489 to 25,206 or 30.9% over the same period and the overall sample size for logistics occupations also reduced by a similar amount (30.6%). The sample size for HGV drivers contracted by 38.7% from 372 interviewees in Q2 2022 to 228 a year later, while at the same time the number of delivery drivers and couriers surveyed fell 43.3% to 190 respondents.


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