Decarbonising Logistics Report: The journey to net zero


This is a detailed report published in May 2022 outlining current Government legislation, policies and incentives driving decarbonisation and the response of the logistics industry. Split by logistics mode, the report demonstrates the different challenges, opportunities and progress to date. The report describes how logistics is not standing still although it is clear the journey to net zero has only just begun. It also underlines that there is a danger that opportunities to reduce emissions more quickly could be lost, such as scope to further maximise use of lower emitting water and rail freight, and industry efficiency could be compromised if consolidation and a push towards smaller vehicles add cost and complexity.


The report finds that with the right Government intervention, more rapid progress could be made to decarbonise each mode. For example, tax incentives for the adoption of low carbon fuels, a plan to address how infrastructure can be rapidly developed for commercial road vehicles and addressing barriers to moving more freight by water and rail. It also concludes the move to zero emission road vehicles will bring about dramatic change but they are currently categorised as ‘alternatively fuelled’. We are calling for a review of the regulation around zero emission vehicles to aid a seamless transition.

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