Get Ready for Brexit

Online Event | 25 November 2020 | Recordings Available

Get Ready for Brexit - Arrangements for Ro Ro operations

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The end of the Brexit transition period is fast approaching.  This half-day conference will help hauliers understand what they need to do to be ready to go from day 1. The event will provide practical advice on all the key issues for hauliers, including customs controls and procedures; GVMS and other new IT systems, 'Check an HGV' system and traffic management in Kent, and trade to and from GB and Northern Ireland.  

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The event will also provide information on the requirements of the most important European Ro Ro ports in France, the Republic of Ireland, Netherlands and Belgium. Using our virtual conference system, the event will be a combination of presentations, panel sessions and interactive Q&As with our expert presenters.  

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Event programme highlights


Session 1: Welcome, agenda and key issues 

Welcome, overview and structure for the day, with a summary of the issues covered and how to engage with us during the conference.  


The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

David Wells, Chief Executive, Logistics UK

Doug Bannister, CEO, Port of Dover

Alex Veitch, General Manager - Public Policy, Logistics UK


Session 2: UK to EU haulage – 'Check an HGV is ready to cross the border' and traffic management​

One of the most pressing Brexit issues is how government is planning to avoid, and if necessary manage, traffic delays arising at the short straits and other key ports. This session will explain the government’s approach to managing this issue, including the national 'Check an HGV' system and traffic management in Kent.    


Heidi Skinner, Policy & Public Affairs Manager, Logistics UK

Richard Thomas, Deputy Director, Post-EU Transition Border Readiness and Motoring Services Agencies Sponsorship, DfT

Mark Etherington, Senior Policy Advisor, Border and Protocol Delivery Group (BPDG)


Session 3: UK to EU Customs requirements for Ro Ro  

The Ro Ro sector faces significant challenges on export journeys, with the introduction of full customs requirements from January 2021. This practical session will give a clear overview of what is required throughout the export process, including UK requirements and what is needed at major EU Ro Ro Ports.  


Sarah Laouadi, Manager - European & International Policy, Logistics UK

Marty van Pelt, Manager Business Relations, Marketing & Communications, Portbase

Wim Fossaert, Commercial Director, Rx Seaport

Celine O’Neill, Principal Officer for Brexit Policy within Revenue’s Customs Division, Revenue Ireland 


Session 4: Systems and Procedures: GVMS, Temporary Storage, Phyto-Sanitary, Safety and Security Declarations​

This session will cover practical information on vital IT system and border checks that hauliers will need to understand to undertake both UK – EU and GB – NI operations. These are the Goods Vehicle Movement System (GVMS) and Temporary Storage; Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) checks, and Safety and Security Declarations.


Alex Veitch, General Manager - Public Policy, Logistics UK

Emma Leam-Saville, Route Agency & Border Compliance Director, DFDS Seaways PLC


Session 5: Permits and haulier market access  

Brexit may lead to significant changes in the market access rights requirements for UK hauliers moving goods to the EU. This session will clarify the rules and what hauliers need to do to get ready.


Sarah Laouadi, Manager - European & International Policy, Logistics UK

Ben Rimmington, Co-Director, Road Safety, Standards and Services - Future EU Roads Relationship, Department for Transport


Session 6: Northern Ireland Protocol – what hauliers need to know 

This session will clarify how trade will work between Great Britain and Northern Ireland; how trade will be managed within the island of Ireland, and highlight what support is available for both NI and GB based operators through the Trader Support Service.  


Seamus Leheny, Policy Manager - Northern Ireland, Logistics UK

Frank Dunsmuir, Industry Lead Customs & International Trade, Fujitsu UK & Ireland


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