Supply chain optimisation

As businesses grow or contract it can be the case that the current supply chain and logistics network is no longer suitable, profitable or performing.  An ad-hoc developed supply chain can cost more than you think, not only in terms of revenues and profits but also lost opportunities.

Logistics UK Consultancy has reviewed, assessed, analysed and transformed supply chain and logistics networks for retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

Typical issues would include:

  • Under or over used warehouses.
  • Higher cost operations.
  • Poor performing activities.
  • Multiple touch points and wasted effort.
  • Lost customers.
  • Under performing product lines.
  • Uncontrolled out of stocks.

Our review would look to address these issues and more through a detailed review of your businesses and the processes related to these issues.


We would follow our standard approach

  • Understand the business and key drivers.
  • Develop models and simulations that reflect the current supply chain flows.
  • Develop and test improvement initiatives.
  • Work with you to develop and implement a change program that support the business.
  • Support the change program through to success.

Our industry, operational and analytical experience helps develop a clear route to a set of deliverable change initiatives. All our initiatives have been proven in other environments and will help you deliver the appropriate business changes.


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