Warehouse design and automation

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in warehouse design allow us to develop effective operational solutions with the flexibility to adapt future change. We can support you from conceptual design through to implementation. Our team closely follows the latest developments in warehouse automation. Our operational experience helps us to determine how the technology can be applied effectively. 

The warehouse design and automation service includes:

  • Operational profiling

The warehouse design requirements are based on a combination of detailed operational profiling and forecast growth assumptions. The profile summary includes throughput volumes and timings, order profiles, customer grouping and stock & product characteristics. This process validates the warehouse design requirements based upon accurate data and assumptions.

  • Storage and pick method design

Our modelling tool calculates the optimum storage and pick methods based on the actual operational profile. Sensitivity analysis assesses the range of methods to be applied and tests the impact of any underlying assumptions. The optimum mix of storage methods and pick solutions is moderated to accommodate future growth and to build in flexibility. The design requirements are summarised to provide input to the physical design.

  • Automation

Our experience has led us to understand all of the current and emerging technologies that could help with you operational solutions. This is one of the fastest moving areas of logistics with the ever improving machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence.

  • Warehouse sizing

Our footprint calculator determines the warehouse area required for the storage mix and operational assumptions set out in the design requirements. We manage a number of variables including: building height, storage units, rack configuration, product flow and timings to evaluate alternative building scenarios. The outputs are used to develop detailed layout designs and financial scenarios for evaluation.

  • Layout design

Detailed layouts are created to fit existing buildings or green field scenarios. Our consultants optimise the layout design to maximise productivity, support peak throughput and have an element of flexibility. Best practise safety concepts are applied. The outputs can include 3D renders and flow throughs to communicate the design options to the team.

  • MHE & staff requirements

Our proprietary simulation tools are used to evaluate alternative methods of storage, picking and handling. This includes manual, mechanical and automated options. The simulation outputs provide a quantitative comparison of operational methods by hour and at an individual task level allowing us to pick up the impact of ‘in day’ peak volume variations. This level of detail allows for accurate costing, implementation planning and operational validation.

  • Scenario evaluation & business case development

Our budget modelling tool allows us to cost alternative warehouse scenarios. Non-quantifiable factors are also included to identify the preferred design option. Our consultants are senior managers, experienced in developing business cases and supporting the approval process.


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