Driver Agency Excellence Scheme - Certification process

What are the steps to Driver Agency Excellence Approval?

  1.  Complete the Application form.
  2.  Submit the form to
  3. Confirm acceptance of scheme Terms & Conditions.
  4. Commit to an audit date.
  5. Prepare for your audit using the pre-audit guidance.
  6. Complete your audit.

On successful completion of the certification process, agencies receive a certificate and logo and their contact details are added to the list of agencies on Logistics UK’s website.


The Driver Agency Excellence Mentoring Programme

  • Are you interested in demonstrating to your clients that you can offer more than just a driver?
  • Are you an agency who wants to do the right thing and demonstrate your commitment to delivering excellence?
  • Are you interested in knowing more about Driver Agency Excellence and how you can join?
  • Have you failed the audit and would benefit from expert assistance to demonstrate the standards?
  • Would you like to talk to someone who has already successfully travelled the audit journey?


When you do something for the first time, you often don’t know what to expect, over analyse, think you are not good enough and worse-case scenario, put it off until a another day. This is why we feel so passionately about the Driver Agency Excellence Mentoring programme, as we want to continue to break down barriers and grow the Driver Agency Excellence network.

Our Driver Agency Excellence mentors are seasoned professionals who can informally help and guide you with your Driver Agency Excellence journey. They work in your industry and have travelled the same journey as you are about to embark on. They share the same core values that you do. They understand and have often experienced the same reservations and challenges you might be facing. They have all been through and successfully demonstrated the Driver Agency Excellence standards in an annual audit.

They will guide you, share their honest learnings and share their mistakes, so you don’t make the same ones. They can help you review or implement documentation and processes ready for the audit. They can even help you remove unnecessary steps and documents you thought were needed. They are knowledgeable of the industry, helping you identify to solutions you didn’t know existed.

Our mentors are wanting and waiting to support you. You can contact them, or request for one of them to contact you, using the enquire today button below.

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Further information

To join the scheme, please complete and return the application form by email to or post to Driver Agency Scheme, Logistics UK, Hermes House, St John’s Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 9UZ

Driver Agency Scheme Brochure