Logistics Performance Tracker

The Logistics Performance Tracker (LPT) is a quarterly survey to improve understanding of the current condition of this vital industry sector. It also gives insights into logistics businesses' financial health and outlook, and trends in the sector over the long term. Logistics UK also uses the findings to inform its responses to consultations on government policy. The full quarterly survey findings are sent to respondents via email. 


Most recent tracker results - LPT Q3 2023 summary results 

Headline findings include:


Business outlook and financial health

  • Respondents view the UK economic outlook as on a generally downward trajectory although logistics businesses have maintained steady growth.


Supply chain issues

  • 73.2% of respondents reported an increased in transport costs, which can be attributed to rising fuel prices and global supply chain bottlenecks.
  • Suppliers reporting delays in receiving parts (53.3%) highlight manufacturing and sourcing challenges.
  • There were substantial disruptions in overall freight volumes and orders for supplies/services with around a quarter of respondents reporting a decrease, while reductions in freight kilometres and number of units in operation were revealed to have fallen by 14.8% and 12.0% of respondents, respectively


Staffing and skills

  • Staff shortages are easing, overall, Q3 2023 showed a positive shift with reduced problems in various job categories.
  • Companies have increased their HGV driver hires by 55% while 5% of HGV drivers have left employment. Of those leaving, 1% were due to retirement. 


Delivery of vehicles and diesel van phase-out

  • Despite placing orders well in advance, some 70% of respondents are still experiencing long lead times before receiving their vehicles.
  • Some companies (37.7%) believe the UK government’s diesel van phase-out delay to 2035 will influence their plans to switch to electric vehicles, possibly due to concerns about environmental commitments or market trends. Others (42.8%) are unaffected, indicating existing commitments or viewing the delay as inconsequential.


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