Logistics Report

The Logistics Report is Logistics UK’s annual review of the trends affecting the logistics industry in the UK. It provides an up-to-date assessment of the issues those moving goods are facing, across all modes of transport and parts of UK logistics. Logistics underpins the whole economy and is an enabler of trade and growth. The data in this report reinforces our calls for partnership with policy makers to unlock the full potential of the sector.

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Logistics Performance Tracker

The Logistics Performance Tracker (LPT) is a quarterly survey to improve understanding of the current condition of this vital industry sector. It also gives insights into logistics businesses' financial health and outlook, and trends in the sector over the long term. Logistics UK also uses the findings to inform its responses to consultations on government policy. The quarterly survey findings are sent to respondents via email.

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Transport Manager Survey Findings

The Transport Manager surveys report on the issues that affect the road haulage industry. The findings provide a comprehensive overview of transport managers’ assessment of the role they play in UK logistics and the state of the industry.

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