FTA demonstrates worldwide appeal

Thursday 02 June 2016

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has launched the 21st edition of its European Road Transport Guide sponsored by Eurotunnel - and revealed some of the more unusual parts of the world where its products and services are delivered.

The guide is sent free to the Association’s international members and offers essential information including public holidays, weekend lorry bans and toll prices. It is also available to purchase from Shopfta, which regularly receives orders from around the globe.

Just last week Shopfta sent a consignment of defect reporting pads to Australia and has recently received orders from Dubai, Iceland, South Africa and Brazil. As well as shop orders, FTA staff have travelled far afield - engineers have visited the Falkland Islands and Tanzania to teach vehicle maintenance.

Shopfta Manager Lisa McCloy said: “FTA is known across the world for the valuable information and specialist products it offers to the logistics industry. So far this year we’ve had visits to the shop website from 138 countries – blind spot lenses and accident kits are the most popular products ordered from overseas.”

The European Road Transport Guide has an extensive section of useful addresses and the latest edition features Andorra for the first time. Driving restrictions in Romania and Slovakia have been completely revised, as have motorway charges in Frances and Spain to reflect 2016 fees.

FTA’s international members can buy additional copies of the guide at a discounted price. Non-international members and the general public can also buy copies (code 4055) from Shopfta online at www.shop.fta.co.uk or by telephone on 03717 11 11 11.
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