Cameron & Hollande announcement reflects FTA’s plan to tackle Calais

Thursday 03 March 2016

David Cameron and François Hollande have outlined plans to tackle the migrant problem in Calais - echoing calls from the Freight Transport Association (FTA) in how to solve the issue.

The Prime Minister and French President met today for the 34th Franco-British Summit and announced new joint efforts to deal with the migrant crisis in the French port.

Previously the Freight Transport Association (FTA) outlined a five-point action plan to tackle the situation, and had called on both governments to adopt it in order to protect the vital link between Dover and Calais which handles £89 billion worth of UK trade every year.

Pauline Bastidon – FTA Head of European Policy said: “Prime Minister Cameron and President Hollande have demonstrated that they have understood the issue in Calais as set out in FTA’s earlier communications on the crisis at the French port.

Their agenda coincides with ours, and reflects many of the key points proposed in the FTA five-point action plan to address the problems our members are facing.”

Included in the announcement made today by PM Cameron and President Hollande were the additional funds (£17 million granted by the UK government), towards additional security measures and police forces, to protect essential infrastructure and reinforce security arrangements.

The money will reportedly also go towards efforts to move migrants away from the camp in Calais to other facilities in France, and will help fund joint work to return migrants that are not in need of protection to their home country.

Ms Bastidon added: “The additional funds will provide much needed security and FTA will campaign for part of the money to be used towards new secure parking zones for drivers in and around Calais, to ensure that they and their trucks are less vulnerable.

Moving forward the FTA will continue to work constructively with both the UK and French authorities to translate these positive announcements into concrete action.”
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