FTA celebrates recognition of lorries in Highway Code

Thursday 12 May 2011

Five years since FTA challenged the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to consider including an HGV section in the Highway Code, the leading trade body is delighted with a firm commitment to do so in the government’s Road Safety Framework, published today.

Malcolm Bingham, Head of Road Network Management Policy, said:

“There is no doubt that a focus on how to behave around lorries will improve road safety immeasurably and save lives. All road users, whether on two wheels, four or sixteen, have a responsibility to each other to act safely.

"A section devoted to HGVs in the Highway Code will engender greater consideration between road users. We are delighted the government has committed to these proposals which we have fought for since 2006 when the Code was revised."

FTA has championed sensible guidance appropriate to all road users to ensure a better understanding of sharing the roads safely.

Bingham concluded:

"We will work with the government and its agencies to ensure the right messages are delivered to create clear guidance.”


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