Infrastructure investment boost welcomed by FTA

Wednesday 24 March 2010

The Freight Transport Association has today applauded the Chancellor’s decision to plough millions of pounds into developing the UK’s road transport infrastructure, thus supporting one of its key manifesto demands. Today’s Budget revealed that hundreds of millions of pounds will be invested into improving local highways and motorways, echoing the main sentiment at the top of FTA’s political wish list.

The improvement of weather-damaged local roads in the UK will be boosted with a £100 million investment. Motorways will see a £285 million investment in a bid to free up capacity.

Jo Tanner of FTA said:

“The Chancellor seems to recognise the importance of investing in the UK’s road transport network, which is a drum that FTA has been banging particularly loudly and is a prominent feature of our logistics manifesto.

“While we still have some way to go to iron out the details, we are at least making progress in getting the policy makers to recognise that investment in the logistics sector will allow it to perform its essential function to its best abilities and will benefit the businesses that rely on an efficient supply chain so greatly.”

Notes for editors

Money will be distributed to local highways authorities via a formula based on road length and condition. This is additional Department for Transport funding to support road repairs, and will enable the authorities to fix the damage caused by the worst winter in 30 years.

Also, the Budget announces additional investment to enable more rapid progress on the Managed Motorways programme and other transport projects, part funded by reductions in the DfT’s marketing and communications budgets and other lower value spend. This will enable more rapid progress on the road programme and other transport schemes, and will deliver congestion and economic benefits more quickly.


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