Logistics in Scotland

Helping the Scottish Government achieve growth, internationalising, and re-balancing the Scottish economy

Helping the Scottish Government achieve growth, internationalising and re-balancing the Scottish economy. 

What is Logistics UK campaigning for?

  • Improve the resilience of key transport infrastructure, such as the Forth Road Crossing
  • Develop key road trade routes including M8/M80/M74, A9, A96, Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, A1 to English border and A82
  • Facilitate mode shift away from road by investment in the East Coast Main Line Scottish Central Belt Gauge
  • Support out-of-hours deliveries, with benefits for congestion, safety and the environment
  • Increase the availability of alternative fuel infrastructure for lorries
  • Safety – work with road users (including freight operators) to continue to reduce the number of fatal/serious accidents on the roads
  • Secure the quality of the Scottish international supply chain through English as well as Scottish gateway ports and airports
  • Lorry parking – plug the gaps in provision by encouraging investment into safe and secure parking facilities across the road network
  • Logistics skills shortage – work to help fill vital vacancies and promote careers in logistics
  • Introduce Low Emissions Zones (LEZs) only as strictly needed and avoiding significant economic disruption

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