Vehicle on Hire Certificates

Why do I require a ‘Vehicle on Hire Certificate’? 

When driving abroad a UK registered vehicle should carry the original Vehicle Registration Document (V5C) and, if the vehicle is not owned by the driver, the owner’s written authorisation to drive it.   
In the case of vehicles on hire or lease, the hiring company will not allow the hirer to take possession of the Vehicle Registration Document (V5C) and few foreign authorities are prepared to accept photocopies. The Vehicle on Hire Certificate (VE103R) is in lieu of the original Vehicle Registration Document (V5C). 

How do I obtain a ‘Vehicle on Hire Certificate’? 

Logistics UK are one of the few issuing providers in the UK of the Vehicle on Hire Certificates which we sell on behalf of the DVLA at a cost of £12 each and are valid for 1 year.  
Apply online or download the application form below. 
Download the VE103R application form
If you are a hirer applying directly, you must include a photocopy of the letter of authority from the hire or lease company (or the vehicle’s registered owner) giving authorisation to take the vehicle abroad.   

How do I find out more information? 

If you have any issues or would like to speak to someone in person, please contact us