GOV.UK End of Transition Advice

Brexit transition: time is running out

There are new rules for businesses and citizens from 1 January 2021.


Road transport and Ro Ro

Transport managers will find useful information here to brief their drivers and put in place processes to exchange information and paperwork with their customers.​

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Importers, exporters and intermediaries

Importers, exporters and any businesses whose goods are moved between UK and EU will face new requirements after the end of the transition period, some of which can be outsourced to third parties. You will find out more on this webpage. 

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“Check an HGV” service and Kent traffic management

All goods being exported by road to the EU via the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel will, from the 1st January 2021, need to use the Government’s new ‘check an HGV is ready to cross the border’ service.  Border ready goods will receive a green or amber Kent Access Permit (KAP) allowing them to proceed to their port.  

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Moving goods to or from Northern Ireland

All Irish Sea movements from GB to Northern Ireland will move under a pre-lodgement model. This will mean that all consignments must have completed a Safety & Security declaration alongside an Import declaration before it can be shipped from GB to NI. 

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Moving animals, plants and certain agrifood products

This page is relevant for importers and exporters of products of animal origin and plant products (including certain agrifood products), who will be in charge of the regulatory formalities, but also for transport operators. Hauliers may be denied access if they are not in possession of the required sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) documentation.  

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Moving controlled goods and excise goods

Certain goods such as tobacco or alcohol (excise goods) are subject to specific requirements. Moreover, controlled goods will not be eligible for the deferments that form part of the UK's staged approach on imports in 2021.  

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Air, rail and maritime transport

Find out more about the implications of the end of the transition period for air, rail and maritime transpor

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IT systems and requirements on the EU side

Depending on your destination or the country through which goods enter the EU, hauliers and/or traders may have to interact with a variety of IT systems. In addition to the pre-existing customs IT systems of each Member State, new portals have been created in certain countries to address the end of the EU Exit transition period.

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