Why choose Logistics UK for sponsorship and advertising?


Logistics UK has over 20,000 members who operate over 50% of the UK's lorry fleet, over 30% of UK vans, deliver 90% of freight moved by rail and 70% of UK visible exports by sea and air. Logistics UK has a vast yet specific audience to engage with.

What advertising opportunities are available?

Logistics UK has a wide variety of both print and digital advertising opportunities available to suit your business. 

In 2018, Logistics UK launched a digital version of Logistics Magazine, providing companies moving goods with information on the issues affecting the transport industry. The magazine is distributed weekly via email and is sent to over 26,000 contacts in the Logistics industry. There are opportunities to run sponsored posts as well as host banners within the Magazine email and on the online portal where all content is hosted.

The content from the weekly news magazine is hosted on the Logistics Magazine portal, which is split into three sections:

• Features
• News
• Compliance

To find out more about how you can get involved with Logistics Magazine, please refer to the Logistics Magazine Media Pack

What printed publications do we produce?

Logistics UK has several printed publications that are distributed to the members and sold on Logistics UK's Shop. Take a look at the price breakdowns for the following publications with some further information:

  • Yearbook of Road Transport Law - our most anticipated publication which members look forward to receiving, focusing on key legislative changes; a 'must have'. The publication is digitally sent to 6,500+ members and printed 10,000 times to be sold on Logistics UK's shop and sent to new and retained members.
  • HGV Drivers’ Handbook - produced every 18-months to 2 years depending on legislation updates, this publication has around 10,000 copies printed which are distributed to members and sold on Logistics UK's shop.
  • European Road Freight Guide - produced annually, 300 copies are sent to specific members who operate international trade.
  • Van Drivers’ Handbook - produced every 18-months to 2 years depending on legislation updates, this publication has around 1,500 copies printed which are distributed to members and sold Logistics UK's shop.
  • Supplements -  Centred around relevant topics in the industry, Logistics UK publishes supplements once a quarter. The supplements are printed a bespoke amount of times depending on the associated event activity, but are still distributed to the entire membership via email. Examples of supplement themes have been 'Multimodal Logistics, Decarbonisation, Safety and Technology and Automation. 

What sponsorship opportunities are available?


Logistics UK is constantly developing new and exciting events for the logistics industry; we can work with you to develop a bespoke sponsorship package to meet your needs. Our events cater to a variety of different target audiences and specialities, take a look at some of our events below.. Please also refer to our Logistics UK events overview media pack. 

Logistics UK also runs a series of events dedicated to the Van Industry, these events are supported by our Van Gold Partners: the AA, Brigade, Lex Autolease and Webfleet. For more information about our Van Events please fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.


How do I find more information?

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