Tachograph On-site / Remote Compliance Service


All transport operators have legal responsibilities for the actions of their drivers in maintaining compliance with the working time directive, driver’s hours and tachograph legislation. Failure to comply can result in prosecution, heavy fines and the restriction or loss of the company operating licence.

As part of the performance and management of your drivers; it is a key responsibility to keep up to date with all aspects of your operational compliance including the EU and Domestic driving hours rules.

Logistics UK's on-site/remote compliance service reduces cost, relieves workload and improves compliance. Your highly-skilled advisor will support you with interpreting infringements, effectively counselling drivers and carrying out procedures and providing guidance and advice in line with the latest regulations. Our on-site and remote service can also deliver workshops at your premises covering drivers’ hours legislation, digital tachographs and Vision familiarisation.

Additionally, the service is fully flexible; choose bespoke options tailored to your operation and arrange for your advisor to visit your premises at a time and frequency that is convenient to you.


Benefits of this Service 

  • This service will also support you with effectively counselling drivers and working towards best practice whilst providing practical solutions for your operation.
  • Our compliance team can also deliver supplementary training workshops covering drivers’ hours legislation, digital tachographs, compliance support days and much more….

Further information

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Logistics UK members can also access further information and advice on tachographs and drivers' hours regulations through our online advice portal or by contacting our Member Advice Centre.

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