Tachograph Services

From tachograph analysis to advice and management information, we have the support available to keep you compliant with tachograph and drivers' hours regulations.

What are Logistics UK's Tachograph Services?

Our Tachograph Services provide an all-encompassing, tailored solution designed to help you manage and enhance compliance with drivers' hours and tachograph regulations. Our expert team offers bespoke services to fit the unique size, operational processes, and specific needs of your company. By seamlessly integrating with our industry-leading Vision compliance platform, we ensure that you have immediate access to detailed reports, infringement alerts and meaningful benchmarking.

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How can we support your operation?

Advanced tachograph analysis

  • Benefit from detailed analysis of both analogue and digital tachograph data.
  • Receive comprehensive reports providing critical insights into driver activities and compliance status.

Bespoke solutions

  • Receive services tailored to fit your company's size, operational processes and unique needs, ensuring the most effective compliance strategies.

Expert compliance support

  • Receive on-site or remote tachograph compliance support. 
  • Benefit from driver training programs to ensure adherance to tachograph regulations.
  • Stay updated with the latest regulatory changes and receive help interpreting infringements.

Seamless integration and driver management

  • Integrate your fleet and driver data onto our Vision platform.
  • Enjoy customised reporting and in-depth analytics to streamline your compliance efforts.

What is Vision?

Vision, Logistics UK's industry-leading compliance software, is designed to seamlessly integrate with your everyday tachograph operations, providing a comprehensive, efficient and user-friendly solution. Vision serves as a centralised compliance hub, processing over 20 million records annually and offering intuitive dashboards that display activities and compliance status. Vision aggregates information from Logistics UK’s compliance services and third-party data, creating a comprehensive view of your operational transport compliance.



Vision can transform your tachograph management by:

  • Conducting comprehensive data analysis.
  • Providing real-time insights and reporting.
  • Creating tailored dashboards and solutions to fit your needs.
  • Onboarding, training and providing continuous support and updates for your staff.

Vision also can also integrate with the following Logistics UK services:

  • Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS), Penalty Charge Notice administration (PCN), Training, Audits and Reviews, and Driver licence checking.



Who can use Vision?

Business Owners

  • Manage costs, gain insights and improve efficiency. 

Compliance Managers

  • Ensure regulatory compliance and monitor infringements. 


  • Receive performance feedback, training, support and simplified record-keeping. 

Transport Managers

  • Benefit from real-time data access, to review the operation of your fleet.

Why choose Logistics UK's Tachograph Services?

Competitively priced

We offer one of the most competitive, transparent pricing structures on the market. What's more, we include all driver and vehicle uploads and reporting.

Compliance confidence

Tachograph compliance solutions from an organisation that understands logistics. We have over 40 years' experience of interpreting tachograph data.

Vision compliance platform

Our cutting-edge in-house tachograph analysis software, powered by Vision compliance platform, is cloud-based, meaning you can access, analyse and process data securely and with great flexibility and speed.

The full package

We can offer you the full solution to meet your business requirements at any level including onsite/remote compliance support, contract management service, a complete suite of dynamic reports and benchmarking. 

Reduces risk

Our in-house tachograph analysis software interprets your driver and vehicle data, highlighting areas of non-compliance and trends, lowering the risk to your operator's licence and fines/penalties, relieving you of worry and stress.

Improved road safety

Improved driver and road safety by monitoring driver and vehicle data linked to excess driving time and speeding.

Cost saving

Significant cost savings by outsourcing versus in-house analysis, providing you with detailed management reporting allowing you to devote more time to driver and vehicle management legal obligations.


Access the system anywhere and look at all sites, have access to all data, centralisation and compliant in all areas.

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Tachograph Analysis

Our Tachograph analysis provides detailed reports highlighting areas for development. It also gives you immediate access to infringements and allows for meaningful benchmarking, not only for your own company but for sector and industry too.

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Tachograph On-site/Remote Compliance Service

Our on-site/remote compliance service reduces cost, relieves workload and ensures you stay compliant with the latest tachograph regulations.

Tachograph On-site/remote Compliance Service

Tachograph Contract Management

Our Tachograph Services can provide contract management who can assist with the set up and roll out of Vision throughout your organisation but also ensure that company policies and best practices are implemented to ensure a consistent standard of operations and reporting. 

Tachograph Contract Management

Vision compliance platform

Providing a platform to support Logistics UK 's compliance services.
Engineered by our in-house, industry leading developers, Vision makes it faster to manage, control and analyse your data.

Vision compliance platform


What training and support is available for our services?


Our Tachograph Services offer a comprehensive range of onsite and remote training, customised to fit your specific operational needs. Key training areas include:

  • Drivers' hours legislation.
  • Digital tachograph management and implementation.
  • Manual entry training.
  • Domestic hours workshops.
  • And much more, tailored to your company's unique requirements. 

To maximise the benefits of our Vision compliance platform, we also provide periodic Vision training. Once onboarded to Vision, you'll receive newsletters with the latest updates and developments, and have access to free quarterly webinars showcasing new features and best practices. This training ensures that you are able to fully leverage the software to manage your drivers effectively.

If you are not a Vision user and would like to find out more, get in touch today to enquire about a free demo. 

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