The Road to Net Zero - How ready are you?


Whilst published deadlines for the phase out of fossil fuels might seem a way off, pressure from government, consumers and clients alongside declining residual values, means that important long term investment decisions need to be made now.  

Logistics UK’s market leading consultants can kick start (or validate) your decarbonisation strategy. With expert, independent support and advice, tailored to your business, across your whole light and heavy fleet, it can help you avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes. 


Do you recognise any of these challenges? 

  • The decarbonisation agenda is driving rapid change, but it’s hard to find expert, trusted, independent advice relevant to your business and your fleet.

  • Clients and consumers are increasingly demanding robust strategies from their suppliers. 

  • Boards are demanding a strategy, but it’s a complex and fast-moving area that needs to be tailored to multiple factors across your business. There is no one-size fits all solution. 

  • There’s an ever-growing range of options and technologies to consider, with every manufacturer claiming to have the solution.

  • These are major investment decisions, the costs of getting it wrong are huge and need to be part of a long-term plan. 

  • You have a mix of light and heavy vehicles and need to know what to prioritise and where to start. 

  • You already have a strategy, but the market is moving fast, and you need to check its’ validity before taking the next steps. 

  • When to start your decarbonisation journey is increasingly unclear, especially as CAZs, ULEZs and other forms of taxation will increasingly penalise the use of fossil fuels. 


As well as selecting from a complex range of potential solutions, your decarbonisation strategy needs to be tailored to the dynamics of your business. Key variables include: 

  • What mix of vehicles and financing do you currently have in your fleet. 

  • What do you use different vehicles for (routes, loads, range etc). 

  • How often and how quickly do specific vehicles need to be re-fuelled/re-charged. 

  • What infrastructure and capacity do you have at existing depots. 

  • How should you finance and future proof your investments. 

  • What are the real-lifetime costs of different vehicles. 


Our experts can help you cut through the confusion and complexity, learn from the costly mistakes already being made, and deliver the blueprint for your decarbonisation strategy, tailored to your business, that defines and de-risks your decisions about: 

  • What you need to prioritise and when – the route map. 

  • The right fuels and technologies. 

  • Investment and financing options. 

  • Existing infrastructure choices and investments. 

  • Adapting your operations to support your strategy. 

  • The staged approach and next steps. 


If you already have a plan, our consultants can apply their unrivalled and unbiased knowledge to validate or challenge the key aspects of your strategy before you take the next steps. If you don't have a plan, then our consultants can help you to create one and de-risk it along the way.


The service

Our consultancy service consists of:

  • Qualification of customer requirements using a proven question set designed to establish operational, environmental and commercial objectives.
  • Analysis of answers and researching of potential solutions/ options.
  • Full written bespoke report and a face-to-face presentation of the recommendations.


Why Logistics UK Decarbonisation Consultancy? 

  • We provide independent, unbiased advice. 

  • We can de-risk your decisions, plans and investment. And stop you making costly mistakes! 

  • Tim Campbell, one of the leading consultants in helping fleets transition from diesel to electric/ hydrogen fuel cell, with over 35 years' experience working in the commercial vehicle industry has joined the team to help provide a best-in-class service.

  • Our team has over 90 years of combined experience working in Logistics across all sectors and for all sizes of operation. 

  • As an industry body we are ahead of the curve, being one of the first to know about new tech in the market and new government rules that might affect your project. 

  • Having experience working across different sectors in Logistics, we can provide a view of what others in your sector have done and their experiences, passing on valuable learnings. 

  • We can clear up the ambiguity around the topic. 


Meet the Logistics UK Decarbonisation Consultancy Team here.


To find out more, and for a free initial discussion with our experts about how we can help deliver your successful decarbonisation blueprint, please do get in touch. 


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To find out more, and for a free initial discussion with our experts about how we can help deliver your successful decarbonisation blueprint, please do get in touch.

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