Logistics industry set to give Santa a run for his money on Cyber Monday

Monday 03 December 2012

Santa may be able to deliver Christmas all in one night, but the logistics industry will be getting a head start on what is expected to be the busiest shopping day ever. Cyber Monday in the UK falls on 3 December this year, when an estimated 115 million visitors are expected to start their Christmas shopping online. It will then be up to the logistics industry to deliver each and every gift in time for Christmas – without any help from flying reindeer.

The Freight Transport Association  is supporting its members who have had to adapt their work schedules in order to cope with the increase in orders and deliveries at its busiest time of the year. According to Experian UK, throughout December UK consumers are likely to spend 375 million hours shopping online, and these gifts, along with supermarket supplies, mail, food, drink and all of the other material contributions to the Christmas spirit, will require hundreds of millions of deliveries in order to get there in time for the big day.

In addition to online shopping, thousands of shops in out-of-town centres and high streets all have to be delivered to, as have food and drink to pubs and restaurants. Whether for long-distance trunking, regional distribution, shop or home deliveries, the ability of the logistics industry to adapt to the huge demands of the festive season with slick efficiency, is a great credit to all of those engaged in the work – warehouse staff, drivers, transport office personnel and managers.

Karen Dee, FTA Head of Policy said:

"This Christmas, millions of online shoppers are taking the opportunity to search for and select their purchases online, knowing that they can order with confidence and that their goods will be delivered to their homes as promised. We take the efficiency of the logistics industry for granted – we expect goods to be delivered to the shop or the home on time and in the right quantity and condition. The reality is that this is a highly complex and sophisticated process of supply chain management and operation which results in items being delivered to the right place, at the right time, and the logistics industry should be recognised and congratulated for its work not only during the festive season but throughout the year."

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