Let's work with Westminster, says Fair Fuel UK Campaign

Monday 24 January 2011

Blockades disrupt the supply chain, cost the country millions and inconvenience the general public. So says the Fair Fuel UK Campaign whose petition for government to scrap the fuel duty rise in April has gathered thousands of signatures from the general public, motorists and the haulage sector, whose businesses simply cannot absorb any further transport costs.

Both the Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage Association who between them represent more than 20,000 businesses, have backed the Fair Fuel UK Campaign.

Theo de Pencier of the FTA said:

“The logistics sector is about keeping the country running, not grinding it to a halt. While blockades and direct action might grab a few headlines, they soon wear thin with the public. By working within Westminster this Campaign hopes to exert real influence over the government’s fuel tax policy.”

Kate Gibbs of the RHA said:

“Plans to raise fuel duty by possibly as much as 5 pence on 1 April MUST be abandoned. Direct action is not the way forward and we urge people to sign the petition which will speak far louder than any blockade ever could.”

On Tuesday 25 January, at 9am, Quentin Willson, well known columnist and TV presenter, will be on College Green, opposite the House of Commons, to present MPs with letters from the Fair Fuel UK Campaign. Visit www.fairfueluk.com for more information.

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