Freight by Water (FbW) joins FTA

Monday 01 November 2010

As of Monday November 1 2010, water freight promotional body Freight by Water (FbW) is joining the Freight Transport Association (FTA), Britain’s largest trade association.

This move has been agreed by the boards of both organisations to enable the work of FbW – to promote increased use of UK waterways, coastal routes and short sea shipping for the transportation of freight – to continue on a sustainable basis.

FTA enhancing its position within the water freight sector

Theo de Pencier, Chief Executive, FTA said:

“We are delighted to welcome Freight by Water as part of the FTA. The expertise and experience of both the management and the membership of FbW will extend and enhance FTA’s knowledge of the sector, complement our existing activities, and strengthen our position as the leading industry body, truly able to represent all aspects of freight transportation.”

Peter Ward, Executive Director of Freight by Water, has described the move as exciting and positive for both organisations, which he says are highly compatible, with shared goals and a mutual commitment to the future of the industry.

“The amalgamation of Freight by Water with FTA will add considerable value to the membership of both organisations,” he said. “Operating as part of FTA, FbW will be better equipped to build on recent progress and accelerate the delivery of its objectives, namely, to promote water freight as part of a cost efficient and greener supply chain strategy and put cost savings and carbon reduction through modal shift firmly at the top of the industry’s agenda.”

Background to FbW

Freight by Water (formerly known as Sea and Water) is the UK’s official Short Sea Promotion Centre and has worked, since its creation in 2003, to enhance the use of short sea and coastal shipping and inland waterways for freight. It has done this through information provision in the form of a website and database of water freight services and through events aimed at raising awareness of the capabilities of water-based services.

FbW will be fully integrated into FTA by creating a distinct membership category for those companies wishing to support the development of water freight. The FbW brand will be retained for FTA’s work in this area.

FTA will be calling a meeting of the existing FbW membership in the near future to discuss how FTA Freight by Water’s work should be focused in the future and to gauge the level of on-going support for these activities.

Notes for editors

From Monday 1 November, FTA Freight by Water will be located at FTA’s Head Office in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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