Our membership packages provide you with the tools to keep your operation safe, efficient and compliant. As a Logistics UK member, we also champion your best interests when it comes to new transport policies and key issues.

Logistics UK Membership

With over 21,000 members, Logistics UK is one of the biggest trade associations in the UK, supporting, shaping and standing up for efficient logistics.

Our members are made up of businesses playing an integral role in the supply chain, either as cargo owners or operating vehicles that move by road, air, rail or water, or operate essential entry points for these operators such as ports, airports, rail terminals and warehousing.

Logistics UK’s position and depth of knowledge of the logistics industry allows us to inform, advise and support organisations across our diverse membership base, enabling you to feel confident in your involvement in the logistics arena. 

As champions and challengers, Logistics UK speaks to the government with one voice on behalf of the whole sector. 

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Which membership is right for you?

Road Operator Membership

Road Operator Membership is for all organisations that operate commercial vehicles. Whether you have just one HGV, a fleet of vans or a multi-national mixed fleet, this membership is for you. 


Multimodal Operator Membership

Multimodal Operator Membership is for all organisations that move goods by rail, water or air, or provide entry or leaving destinations for these goods, such as ports, airports or rail terminals. 


Public Service Membership

Public Service Membership is a tailored membership for all government-funded bodies who operate vehicles to provide their services.


Supplier Membership

Supplier Membership is for any organisation that provides tools, products or services to ensure that the logistics industry remains best-in-class.



Buyer Membership

Buyer Membership is for organisations or divisions within organisations who are responsible for the purchasing of logistics services and managing supply chain processes.



Executive Membership

A new, strategic membership for leaders working at the helm of the logistics sector. It equips you with the tools and insight you need to form your business strategy and navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


The Voice of Logistics

Logistics UK membership gives you a voice, and the ability to have influence around policy developments that might affect you, your sector and your business.

As the only business group that represents all of logistics, part of Logistics UK’s remit is to give the industry a strong voice. Through its media activity, Logistics UK works to ensure that the issues that are crucial to logistics – decarbonisation, skills shortages, technology and innovation – remain at the top of the media’s and government’s agendas.


835 million ‘opportunities to see’ Logistics UK press coverage


Between 1 January and 31 December 2023, Logistics UK achieved a total of 2,853 pieces of press coverage with a staggering 835 million ‘opportunities to see’.

In 2023, we recorded over 32 million impressions (up from 27 million in 2022) across our main social media channels, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.