European Multimodal Service

Who is this for?   

The European Multimodal Service is an informative service that aims to keep those interested in what is happening in Europe that affects the logistics industry. 

What will we gain from taking this service?   

This subscription service is available to all Logistics UK members, therefore in addition to the benefits of Logistics UK membership, The European Multimodal Service will also provide you with the following.  

Monthly Brussels Digest

A monthly review of EU policy announcements, proposals and decisions affecting pan-European logistics and logistics buyers - from transport policy to trade policy and customs.

Weekly Brexit Digest

A weekly digest of key developments in the UK and in Brussels related to Brexit, including an update on negotiations.

Logistics UK Shippers’ Guide to European Road Freight or European Road Freight Guide

One free copy of the Logistics UK Shippers’ Guide to European Road Freight (for buyers of transport) or Logistics UK European Road Freight Guide, to suit your requirements. For information on the European Road Freight Guide please see the European Road Freight Service.

Shippers' Guide to European Road Freight 

The Shippers' Guide to European Road Freight is intended to raise the awareness of shippers when making arrangements for moving their companies' products by road across Europe. For the sake of completeness, occassional references are also made to non-European union countries, where relevant. it should also be informative for forwarders and consolidators using third party international logistics service providers or contractors for the same purpose. 

Alert Bulletins

Email alerts issued as and when major developments occur, reporting new announcements, proposals and decisions by the European Institutions as they are made.

Policy Webinars

Quarterly on-line presentations summarising developments and Logistics UK Europe activities on issues affecting pan-European logistics. On-line question and answer facility available for live ‘chat’ or for offline answers.

Policy Briefings

Single issue topic briefings on specific proposals or initiatives affecting pan-European logistics. Providing background to the initiative, analysis of the requirements and assessment of the implications for shippers, forwarders and carriers. Issued on a quarterly basis.

Exclusive extras as members

Access to briefing notes and documents

Logistics UK provide a wide range of briefing notes and documents to help shippers' and maritime members

Opportunity to join councils and working groups 

Logistics UK have a number of member council and working groups, where issues and problem solving are discussed around the industry - the groups include British Shippers' Council and the Aviation working group 

Manager's Guide to Distribution Costs

In addition to great savings is the Manager's Guide to Distribution Costs - This annual guide lets you effectively monitor your transport costs using expert advice and quarterly updates on wages trends, vehicle operating costs and haulage rate trends, as well as forecasts and information on warehouse costs and how to manage fuel costs. Add this additional benefit (£200).

Do you want to find out more?   

Contact us and we can guide you through this subscription service and any other additions that may benefit your individual operation.   


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