Logistics UK responds to MOT date change consultation

Wednesday 22 March 2023

In response to government’s consultation on the timeframe for MOT tests for light vehicles which closed today (22 March), Logistics UK is holding its position on retaining the current system where the first date a vehicle should be MOT tested is at three years after registration and every year thereafter. Implementing a one-year increase would not be applicable for high mileage vehicles, and would be a detrimental move for vans as they are classified within the same road regulations as cars. 


Logistics UK supports the proposal to improve the emissions test as the current method does not check for particulates, which are now identified as a concern to health. The business group asks that this be introduced with a responsible period of notice and recommends a timeframe of 12-18 months to give Logistics UK members enough time to prepare. 


The movement of 4.25 tonne alternatively fuelled vans back into the car/van MOT scheme is supported by Logistics UK, due to the vehicle type remaining the same and the change of category (N1 to N2) only being brought forward in response to the accommodation of the heavier weight of the batteries. Logistics UK is in favour of the additional training of MOT testers and changes to the annual test to fully account for electric and hybrid vehicles, as they are already on the highways and included within road strategies. 


Phil Lloyd, Head of Engineering Policy at Logistics UK, comments: “As we continue to see more major developments in vehicle technology, it is vital that road policy advances alongside to keep our members compliant and safe. Logistics UK agrees that sections of the current MOT system need to be reviewed and amended to reflect industry’s progression and hopes to see our asks implemented into a new system.” 


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