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Logistics UK says changes to decarbonisation deadlines is last thing industry needs

Speaking after Wednesday’s press conference by the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, David Wells OBE, Chief Executive of business group Logistics UK, has made it clear what he thinks about the proposed delay.

“Pushing back the deadlines to decarbonise, rather than making progress on the investment and policies logistics businesses need to implement the route to Net Zero, is unhelpful and will discourage private investment in the UK and its industries," said Wells.

"There is still much to be done, from delivering a charging network to confirming plans for alternatively fuelled vehicles, but our industry remains committed to achieving Net Zero.

“As a sector, logistics works hard to deliver on time for all sectors of the economy – if new decarbonisation deadlines are to be achieved, it is vital for the health of the UK’s supply chain, and therefore our economy, that the government does the same.

"At a time when industry needs detail and action, delay just creates more uncertainty.”

While committing to meeting net zero by 2050, in his high profile 20 September speech the Prime Minister said the end of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans would now be 2035, not 2030. 

He also announced changes to how UK carbon budgets will be debated in Parliament in the future, with more scrutiny to be introduced to measures needed to underpin them; changes to home energy efficiency deadlines; and energy generation infrastructure planning.  

He added that he is making the changes because:

  • The UK is ahead of other countries on carbon reduction, so does not need to have tougher phase out deadlines than other countries.  
  • He wants policies that have public support and credibility, and are pragmatic, proportionate and realistic.
  • In the case of electric vehicles, he wants consumers to have more time to lead the transition through their choices and time to get the charging infrastructure truly nationwide.  

As detailed above, Logistics UK has expressed disappointment, asserting that pushing back deadlines rather than making progress on the investment and policies logistics businesses need to implement the route to net zero, is unhelpful and will discourage private investment in the UK and its industries.

We will be writing to the Prime Minister calling for progress on the investment and plans needed to support logistics decarbonisation.

Published On: 21/09/2023 15:00:01


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