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Logistics UK calls for government to “give sector the certainty it needs to invest in the future”

Ahead of the government’s upcoming 22 November Autumn Statement – an update on its plans for the economy based on forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) – Logistics UK has submitted the industry’s representation to HM Treasury and the Chancellor, Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP.

By putting logistics first – with the right partnerships, regulations and investment – the business group believes government can supercharge the UK economy by between £3.9 billion and £7.9 billion pa.  

The business group is also looking to government to work with the sector to establish a cross-Whitehall Logistics Productivity Forum to ensure the nation’s decline in productivity is addressed and to maximise the benefits that logistics can deliver to the wider economy.  

As the 26-page submission notes, the logistics sector is becoming “ever smarter and more integrated, within businesses and between logistics sites and transport modes” and the UK now requires a “national logistics transport network, to guide the investment needed to deliver goods in the optimum productive, strategic and green way.” 

As demonstrated recently, the sector is embracing the decarbonisation agenda and staunchly committed to playing its part to help the UK achieve net zero. 

To make a fair transition to a green economy and unlock private investment, Logistics UK believes the sector “needs greater visibility of plans for energy infrastructure, innovation funding and regulatory and tax incentives.” 

The business group is also calling for a skills partnership to support the sector and respond to the rapidly changing needs of businesses, the ageing population and reduced migration from the EU. 

Logistics UK is also asking for trade to be “backed as a driver of innovation and productivity with simple regulations and borders, and sufficient infrastructure capacity at ports and airports.” 

The business group believes this agenda will give the sector the “certainty it needs to invest in the future, delivering a more innovative, productive and green economy for communities right across the UK.” 

The Chancellor will deliver his Autumn Statement on 22 November and we will keep members informed of any relevant announcements. 


Published On: 02/11/2023 14:01:00


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In brief

HMRC’s tips for getting your self-assessment right 

  1. Plan ahead – when you are ready to start, get all the documents you will need together so you don’t have to search for them at a later date.  

  1. Take your time – accuracy is important when completing your tax return. Give yourself plenty of time to fill it in and don’t rush.  

  1. Go online for help – there is help and support available on GOV.UK to help you get your tax return right. But if you’re not doing it yourself, you can appoint someone to fill in and send your tax return, for example an accountant or tax adviser. If you need extra support to help with your Self Assessment you can contact a voluntary or community sector organisation which can provide you with help and advice.   

  1. Remember the deadline – it’s 31 January 2024. Put it in your calendar or set a reminder on your phone. If you miss the deadline, you risk facing penalties.  

  1. Don’t forget to press ‘submit’ – if you’re filing online, don’t forget to press the ‘submit your tax return’ button. HMRC won’t receive your tax return until you press that button and if you miss the deadline, you could incur penalties.  

  1. If your circumstances change – remember to tell HMRC if you close your business, or you are no longer self-employed. Don’t assume they will know. You could still incur fines and penalties after your business has stopped trading you do not inform HMRC. Tell them on the HMRC app or via GOV.UK. https://www.gov.uk/tell-hmrc-changed-business-details 

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