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Policy wins: Planning System - Logistics UK calls for reforms

Logistics UK has been calling for reform to national infrastructure planning, given the vital role of the planning system in delivering an efficient logistics sector.

With a need for infrastructure to become more integrated and multimodal, the business group has been raising issues around the need for greater investment in tackling the UK’s top congestion hotspots on road, rail, ports and airports, continued ambition in infrastructure investment and delivery, as well as campaigning for a more coordinated and integrated approach to infrastructure planning.  

The business group is therefore delighted by the launch of the Freight and logistics and the planning system: call for evidence, which was announced by the Department for Transport (DfT) and Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) on 4 July 2023.  


The call for evidence is much needed and should act as a catalyst for long-term planning reforms that recognise the role of the industry. With logistics underpinning every sector of the UK, the business group is working to achieve a more integrated and multimodal infrastructure to support economic growth.  

The business group plans to highlight the opportunities for logistics to support local communities, with planning developing the necessary infrastructure to keep freight moving, incentivising investment in low/zero carbon operations, whilst creating an environment that supports investment in logistics and warehousing sites.  

This call for evidence is seen as a significant and positive step forward in supporting the development of the logistics industry.  

Following the publication of the call for evidence, Logistics UK will work with members to submit comprehensive and compelling evidence to the consultation, with the aim to achieve a joined-up plan covering the whole of logistics, including warehousing, facilities, ports, airports and the corridors that connect them to communities across the UK.  

Equal treatment to posted worker legislation confirmed by DfT  

Following calls from Logistics UK for equal treatment with regard to posted worker legislation (to demonstrate compliance with minimum wage legislation) between UK operators in the EU and EU operators in the UK, the business group is delighted that regulations are confirmed to be enshrined in domestic law.  

Having submitted a response to the Department for Transport’s (DfT’s) consultation requesting equal treatment and having called for this change, Logistics UK is pleased that DfT has now confirmed it will be laying down regulations to ensure this equal treatment is confirmed in law, and EU operators will need to demonstrate they are paying at least UK national minimum wage on domestic operations.

Published On: 07/09/2023 15:00:00


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