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Policy wins - Changes to weight limits for alternatively fuelled vehicles & ZEV vehicle mandate

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Changes to weight limits for alternatively fuelled vehicles

Following the legislative change that allows certain vehicle categories to have an increase in their weight limit if they are alternatively fuelled, Logistics UK has successfully argued this should also apply to those already registered.  

Through engagement with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the Department for Transport (DfT), Logistics UK highlighted that the legislation was restrictive due to not allowing modifications of vehicles already registered. Additionally, the business group highlighted that a retrospective allowance would aid the government’s drive towards net zero.

Following this engagement, it has now been agreed that where a current internal combustion engine vehicle is converted to be alternatively fuelled - and following a notifiable alteration to the DVSA - it has been agreed that the gross vehicle weight limit increase of 2.0 tonnes for certain zero emission vehicles and up to 1.0 tonne for certain alternatively fuelled vehicles now applies to existing vehicles, providing the vehicle has the necessary design axle and gross weight capacity.

ZEV vehicle mandate review agreed

Following the recent announcement by the Prime Minister to delay the ending of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans to 2035, the government published the details of the mandate that will set the percentage of new zero emission vehicles that manufacturers will be required to sell each year to 2035.

During the consultation on the mandate, Logistics UK stressed the impact of the mandate should be monitored to ensure there are not unforeseen consequences that result in constrained vehicle supply and lack of appropriate vehicle options for members, with appropriate review points needed. In publishing details of the mandate, Logistics UK was pleased to see this request reflected, with the government stating it is committed to keeping the mandate under continuous review, including an additional mid-point review to be published in early 2027, followed by a post-implementation review in 2029.

Published On: 02/11/2023 13:59:00


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