Fleet Engineer

07 September 2021 | British Motor Museum - Warwickshire

Fleet Engineer returns as a physical conference for 2021!



Logistics UK’s popular practical event, which offers help and advice to enable engineers to better manage their fleet for the next year and beyond. The key focus of this year’s event is the evolution of maintenance and the need to keep up with, or ahead of, the development in motor vehicle engineering. If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.


Our strong programme of speakers will give a well-rounded view from manufacturers, industry experts and government, along with the chance to network with like-minded professionals within the industry.



Phil Lloyd, Logistics UK’s Head of Engineering Policy:


“Inspecting and maintaining vehicles and trailers is becoming increasingly challenging for commercial vehicle engineers as the technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. Logistics UK’s Fleet Engineer is designed to provide operators with all the information they need to maintain modern fleets effectively, as well as sharing the insight they need into the future of vehicle design and alternative fuels. The event is a must-attend for anyone with responsibility for specifying commercial vehicles, ensuring roadworthiness, compliance and maintaining vehicles – whether a small fleet of one or two or a large fleet of hundreds.” 


Key reasons to attend


  • Learn about the working practices and maintenance regimes you need to adopt to align with latest technological developments.
  • Hear about the new practices some operators have put in place to improve their maintenance regimes.
  • Learn about the potential changes we are likely to see in vehicle and trailer design and how that will impact the workshop.
  • Know what you need to consider in preparation for alternatively fuelled vehicles becoming the norm.
  • Find out what training is available for alternatively fuelled vehicles.
  • Hear about the developments in maintenance systems that keep modern vehicles safe on our roads.
  • Enjoy free access to the British Motor Museum once the conference has closed to explore the world’s largest collection of historic British cars, including manufactures such as Morgan, McLaren and Aston Martin, as well as Land Rover displays, famous cars from the silver screen, and a selection of cars used by the Royal Family. 


Speakers include


Kevin Rooney, Traffic Commissioner for the West of England 

Dave Wood, Enforcement Policy Manager, DVSA

Russell Hall, Vehicle Testing and Roadworthiness Policy Manager


View all speakers here


Programme Highlights


Keynote session: When maintenance fails to keep pace with technology – Traffic Commissioner experience at Public Inquiries

Kevin Rooney, Traffic Commissioner for the West of England


The Traffic Commissioner will present his experiences of failings in maintenance where operators have failed to introduce working practices that are aligned to the technological developments in the vehicle they now run. The traffic Commissioner will also share with us some of the new practices’ operators have put in place to improve their maintenance regimes.


Panel Session 1: Trailer maintenance – what’s changed and how to keep them safely maintained?


This session will provide delegates with an overview of developing technologies, find out what needs to be put in place to maintain them and how the industry’s maintenance regime compares to the manufacturers expectation.


Panel session 2: Trucks - Hear from the manufacturers


What potential changes are we likely to see in vehicle design over the next decade, and how will these changes impact on the workshop? This session will put these questions to the manufactureres. 


Panel session 4: Maintaining compliance


With alternative fuelled vehicles becoming the norm, we shall look at what considerations need to be given to staff and facilities for their preparation. Additionally, Logistics UK aim to fill any void in training, so what’s available?


Panel session 5: Zero emissions – delivering the future for heavy haulage


With the UK hosting COP 26 this year, the government is wanting to be bold in its approach to cleaner air, this will inevitably lead to a quicker migration to zero emissions. But unlike cars, electrification of the entire HGV fleet is more challenging, so this session will outline some alternative fuel options.


Panel session 6: New technology 


In this session we will look at developments in maintenance systems that are aligned at keeping modern vehicle safe to use on our roads.


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Each session provided good information which kept me up to date with relevant transport news.

I found the whole seminar excellent. Good choice and the speakers, came over very well giving us good information on the lastest technology, whats out there and coming in the future. 

Excellent, clear and concise presentations by people who know their subject.


British Motor Museum