Conference Programme


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9:00 - 9:10: Welcome: View from Logistics UK 

Welcome, overview and structure for the conference, with a summary of the issues to be covered during the conference. 


Kevin Green, Marketing and Communications Director, Logistics UK


9:10 - 9:30: Keynote: Scene Setting 

Opening the conference with an overall scene setting covering shift to alternatively fuelled vehicles, overall changes in supply, technology and processes to enable efficient transition.


Tim Campbell, Managing Director, Campbells Consultancy 


9:30 - 9:55: Bringing Energy Supply to Your Site 

What you need to implement and consider now to ensure you have the necessary power supply for your depots' operation. This session will cover steps you need to take including collaboration with DNOs and other provisions you need to have to future proof the set up.


Peter White, Systems Engineer, Wester Power Networks 


9:55 - 10:25: Urban Deliveries and Wireless Charging Trial

Waitrose & Flexible Power Systems are here to help operators understand the practicalities in decarbonising their fleets in an urban environment, whilst understanding the mix of charge point options available and the value of a fully integrated back office in supporting the electrification of fleets.


Jackie Hewson, Alternative Fuels Implementation Manager - Transport, John Lewis Partnership

James Derby, Chief Engineer - Electrical Systems, Flexible Power Systems


10:25 - 10:45: Coffee Break 


10:45 - 11:40: Panel: Future Facing Skill Sets 

With the demand for staff and varied logistics skill set ever growing, what can we implement now and plan for the future? In this session we will discuss recruiting new generations into the industry, retaining and developing personnel and using apprenticeship schemes and mentoring for both driving and operational as well as engineering and workshop staff.

The panel: 


Fergus McVey 


Annie Graham, Apprenticeship Manager, Logistics UK 

Kevin Green, Marketing and Communications Director, Logistics UK


11:40 - 12:05: Tax for Vans 

The issue of current and future van taxation and fiscal levers and have noted the main focus is on commercial van operations.


Harvey Perkins, Co-founder, HRUX


12:05 - 12:15: Using GPS data to power your fleet electrification

Quartix are soon launching an EV dashboard that will provide analysis tool of an customers existing ICE vehicle data to help determine which vehicles within their fleet are eligible for transition to EV.


Andy Edwards, Field Sales Mananger, Quartix 


12:25 - 13:15: Lunch 


13:15 - 13:35: Decarbonising Logistics Report: The Journey to Net Zero 

Logistics UK’s ‘Decarbonising Logistics Report’, recently launched at the ITT Hub Future Logistics Conference, provides an in-depth assessment of industry and government progress of the route to net zero. Delegates will be offered insights about the net zero agenda, together with Logistics UK analysis of key trends and developments affecting logistics, as well as our key asks of Government and the things to watch for that can help our sector reach its decarbonisation goals.


Denise Beedell, Public Policy Manager, Logistics UK


13:35 - 14:15: Vehicles of the Future 

Alternatively fuelled vehicles: manufacturers roadmap, supply challenges, adoption by the industry. 


Laura Moran, Managing Director, TVL 

David Watts, Comercial Manager (UK & Ireland), Arrival 

David Petts, Take it to Market Leader, Urban Electrified Van (UEV) Programme, Ford Motor Company


14:15 - 14:35: Are you ready to operate during the Commonwealth Games? 

The logistics arrangements for the Commonwealth Games taking place at the end of July - early August.


Sarah Crane, Senior Travel Demand Management Officer (Commonwealth Games), Transport for West Midlands (TfWM)


14:35 - 14:45: Keynote: Chair's Close 


Kevin Green, Marketing and Communications Director, Logistics UK


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