Logistics UK Decarbonisation Initiative

1st Webinar- EV Tyre Development 

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As two global leaders coming together to shape the future of sustainable mobility, Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions are proud to be headline sponsor of the Logistics UK decarbonisation initiative. Join us for a series of x3 FREE online webinars over the coming months and hear from the expert speakers.

Our goal? To create a more sustainable world where all people and goods travel safely, efficiently and comfortably.

Our method? Delivering smart, connected products, solutions and services.

We provide a constantly evolving suite of tyres, data-driven solutions and connected technologies that can be tailored to business plus an extensive retail service and maintenance hub. We also offer expert support to help you take advantage of changing mobility trends and innovations, from electrification to last mile delivery, digitisation and beyond.

And you get all of it, the complete solution for your journey, from one partner.

The net result? Greater levels of safety, productivity and sustainability and the fullest possible value from every mile you drive, today and tomorrow. 

In Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions, you have an experienced, passionate, industry leading partner, dedicated to helping businesses adapt effectively to this time of green transformation.


Click here for the 2nd Webinar.

Click here for the 3rd Webinar.