European Information Service

Who is this for?

The European Information Service is valuable for businesses that operate on the European continent.

What will we gain from taking this service?   

Featuring Logistics UK's European Road Freight Service subscription the European Information Service gives companies more in-depth information and support for their operation in Europe.

European Road Freight Service

The European Road Freight Service is valuable for all operators of vehicles that enter mainland Europe and beyond.

This subscription service is available to all Logistics UK members, therefore in addition to the benefits of Logistics UK membership, The European Road Freight Service will also provide you with the following.  

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In addition to great savings is the Manager's Guide to Distribution Costs - This annual guide lets you effectively monitor your transport costs using expert advice and quarterly updates on wages trends, vehicle operating costs and haulage rate trends, as well as forecasts and information on warehouse costs and how to manage fuel costs. Add this additional benefit (£200).

Do you want to find out more?   

Contact us and we can guide you through this subscription service and any other additions that may benefit your individual operation. 


European Road Freight Service

A subscription service available for all those involved in operating vehicles in and out of mainland Europe and beyond.


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