Employment Opportunities for HGV drivers

Hear about the employment opportunities within the driving sector

Employment Opportunities for HGV drivers


Further to the recent DfT letter to former HGV drivers, this is a fast moving and constantly changing situation. Government has suggested there may be grants available for drivers to undertake training and re-skilling. We have no further details at this time. 

To keep up with the latest developments, register your email address below and we will send any relevant information to you as and when we receive it.  

We would be grateful if you did not call our customer service team to discuss this matter, as at present they are unable to offer any further assistance. 

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There has never been a better time to become a HGV driver; an industry that needs to be flexible, responsive, and agile, means that there is a range of fantastic HGV driving opportunities that fits in with people’s lives.  

Conditions of employment and pay have been improving across the sector.  As well as attractive pay rates we are seeing more options for flexible working, fixed hours, fixed days, full-time and part-time.

If you have an HGV licence, but no longer work in the sector and are worried about the training associated with re-joining, there is now plenty of help and support. Agencies and employers are offering training packages, so even if your Driver CPC has lapsed you may be supported in updating this whether via classroom or online courses. There are a significant number of opportunities, so driving can become an entry point into a much wider pool of job roles. 

All sizes of businesses, all different sectors and specialist operators are looking for drivers. Whether you’re thinking about joining or re-joining the sector, there is an opportunity fit for everyone.

Government Advice

View government advice on returning to HGV driving, becoming a commercial HGV driver, and gaining an HGV licence - VIEW HERE


HGV Driver Job Opportunities

Below is a list of some of the job sites and locations you can find information about opportunities in the sector.

  • Indeed

  • Total Jobs

  • Reed

  • HGV Recruitment

  • Avail  - puts drivers in direct contact with businesses

  • Individual companies also have their own jobs boards, so if you are interested in working for a particular company, simply enter their name followed by jobs into your search engine.


Driver Agency Excellence - Certified Agencies

Driver Agency Excellence is a voluntary initiative which has been developed alongside operators and driver agencies. It aims to recognise, encourage and promote best practice within the sector. Driver Agency Excellence is managed by Logistics UK and steered by a Governance Group, made up of specialist driver agencies.

Find out which Driver Agencies are currently certified by Logistics UK's Driver Agency Excellence Scheme, by following this Driver Agency Excellence link.