Funding and support for accessing logistics skills


The ability to access a workforce with the necessary skills is essential for the future success and resilience of UK logistics. This is currently an acute issue for the recruitment and retention of essential HGV drivers but applies to other roles that are vital to the functioning of this critical part of the economy too.


As well as campaigning for policy changes to help create a sustainable pipeline of staff to meet the demand for people in our sector we have taken practical steps to make a difference for our members too. This guide to Funding and support for accessing logistics skills, and the associated webinar were produced with the active involvement of the Department for Education and the Department for Work and Pensions.


Download the guide here


Since this Guide was published there have been changes around funding and deadlines for Apprenticeships, Bootcamps and the Kickstart scheme. We are in the process of updating this Guide to reflect these and an updated version will be published in February. Please use the web links in the Guide to confirm the latest position.