What is Discover Logistics Careers?

Discover Logistics Careers is a dedicated weekend where members open their doors for the public to find out more about logistics and discover a potential new career.

Despite contributing a significant £139 billion Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK economy and being one of the nation’s biggest employment areas, research shows that 90% of the UK has never considered a career in the logistics sector.

Discover Logistics Careers breaks the barrier, offering attendees the opportunity to see inside the world of logistics, speak with those in industry and participate in on-site tours and taster days, as well as discover the variety of roles and potential available. For businesses, it provides a great opportunity to meet with the local community and engage with a number of potential new recruits.

An exciting, dynamic sector with numerous opportunities for career growth, from warehouse operatives and transport managers to engineers developing greener vehicles and autonomous technologies; this is an industry that has something for everyone.

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What our members say...

The Discover Logistics Careers campaign was a great opportunity for Yusen Logistics and has resulted in over 50 applications for various roles, including warehousing and driving. The response was so positive that we planned to carry out more open days across the next twelve months and looked to establish more permanent careers offices at some of our facilities. Logistics is a continuously developing industry and we are always excited to find talented people who are interested in joining us in the adventure.

Gary Jackson

Head of HR Business Support

Yusen Logistics