Self-service system

The operator licensing self-service accessible via the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and the Transport Office enables operator licence holders to carry out self-service online processing of some of the transactions that have historically required paper-based applications.

You can view a licence summary of the basic operator licence records held by VOSA and check that your records are up to date.

The following features are also available:

  • Add/remove vehicles in respect of any individual licence
  • If you hold a licence in more than one Traffic Area, you can transfer vehicles between these licences
  • You can change your correspondence address records and trading name
  • Add/remove directors (limited companies only)
  • Add/remove partners (partnership licences only)
  • Add/remove transport manager (standard national or standard international licences only)
  • Add/remove operating centre(s) and/or increase/decrease authority
  • View and print an advert template for O licence applications
  • You can opt to receive correspondence from VOSA electronically when registering for self-service, instead of through the post. You will be notified by e-mail to check your correspondence within the self-service system when something has been placed there
  • You can pay on-line with Visa credit/debit card for your operator licence fees when due.

Registering for self-service

Log on to the VOSA website and click on 'Online Services' in the right hand menu and then on 'Operator Licensing Self Service'. This will take you to the login page where you can register for self service. Alternatively, the system can be accessed via

You will be asked for a user name, your first name and surname and an email address. You will also be asked for a memorable word as a security measure. When you log in you will be asked for random characters from that word as a further security check.

Following registration, a password will be sent to your postal address usually within a week. You will then be able to start using the system.

The person who registers a licence holder for self-service will be the administrator for the licence and will be able to add or delete other users. There can only be one administrator per organisation. Each user will have their own password and be able to make changes to the O licence. There will be an audit trail so that VOSA will be able to check which member of your staff makes any changes. This is obviously important in the case of a disaffected member of staff entering false changes. It is also important to ensure that the administrator removes any member of staff leaving the company from the system. Remember that the system can be accessed from any computer having internet access by anyone having a valid password and security word. You should ensure that you carry out internal measures to ensure security.

Some useful hints

The system is set up so that you are offered the opportunity to remove vehicles from a licence before adding vehicles. This is deliberately done because removing a vehicle will create a credit on the licence that will be used up when a vehicle is added. If a vehicle is added to a licence where there are no credits, it will not be specified by the system until a fee has been paid, even if a subsequent removal creates one

If you have lost a vehicle disc, remove the vehicle from the licence and immediately re-specify it. The system will automatically generate a disc and send it by post

Remember that you must still return vehicle discs to the traffic area office when you remove a vehicle from a licence even if you are transferring it to another licence

Further information

For a full user guide and frequently asked questions, visit