Maritime Logistics

Logistics UK is campaigning for world-class rail and road connections to our maritime ports, more effective government support to encourage mode shift to maritime, and greater use of our inland waterway network for freight.

Maritime Logistics


The UK is an island nation and 90% of everything we buy arrives at our shores by sea, therefore the maritime supply chain is critical for our global competitiveness. The UK has excellent port capacity and facilities however this is not always matched by inland connections, both for road and rail. Logistics UK is campaigning for world-class multimodal port connections to ensure goods move seamlessly and quickly to and from overseas markets.  

The UK also has capacity for move goods to be moved by coastal shipping and inland waterways, which already account for 15% of UK domestic freight. With more effective government support to promote modal shift, and policy frameworks that protect and expand our inland waterway freight infrastructure, these modes could grow even further and reduces pressure on our congested roads. 


Key facts

  • 90% of goods arrive by sea 

  • 13% of domestic freight is moved by water

  • An estimated total of 98,300 cargo vessels arrived at UK major ports during 2018 


What is Logistics UK campaigning for?

Logistics UK has three priorities for Maritime Logistics:

  • World class connections to ports (road, rail and inland waterways); 

  • More effective government support to increase modal shift to maritime (short sea, coastal, inland waterways)  

  • Ensure environmental and planning rules facilitate economic growth  


Policy Manager


Alex Veitch

General Manager - Public Policy 



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